Monday, October 29, 2012

The Chicken Manifesto

Chicken Manifesto

I went to feed my Chickens in their Chicken Coop you see
when suddenly I’d a notion just to set my Chickens free.

Chicken’s in the Barnyard, Chickens in the street;
Chicken’s at the neighbors house finding what to eat.

Chickens riding subways, driving Cars in town,
Chickens in the Super Market, running round and round.

Chickens wearing sneakers, walking down the street;
Smiling and they’re waving at everyone they meet.

Chickens in the bread pan kicking out the dough;
Chickens stuffing pillows with feathers don’t you know.

Boneless Chickens, chicken pox, chickens aching back;
Chickens in the doctor’s office, some say he’s a quack.

Chickens riding skateboards, betting at the track;
The Banks they have no money, just bird seed in a sack.

There’s Chickens in the Library, Chickens in the schools’
Chickens that are scientists and Chickens that are fools.

Chickens need no Oil Wells no New-cler energy;
Won’t be no more frakin, cause Chicken poop is free.

Chickens in the legislature, House and Congress too
Chickens declaring peace on Earth, no more Chicken Stew.

by David Spalding Sharp
copyright 2012